Letters to President Zuma


We have launched a Global Letter Writing Campaign!
We are appealing to the YOUTH in South Africa to join children from around the world by writing a letter to our
President – President Jacob Zuma expressing your concern for the rising and cruel massacre of our
rhino and asking for his guidance and assistance before it is too late.

GWA / RHINO SA has formed a joint venture partnership with One More Generation (OMG) Kids and SPOTS (Strategic Protection of Threatened Species)
with the view to encourage the youth to take a stand and raise their voices in an effort to help save these animals from extinction and to bring awareness of the
rhino poaching crisis to the rest of the world.

OMG-Kids Founders, Carter (11) and his sister, Olivia (10) started their own non profit organization in Georgia, USA in 2009. They visited South Africa
in 2011 and learned about the seriousness of the poaching situation and decided that something had to be done. RHINO SA is pleased to partner with these
two passionate children. More information about their organisation can be found on their website (www.onemoregeneration.org)

SPOTS is involved in species-specific conservation efforts – this with a strong emphasis on anti-poaching methods and strategies
and the capture and relocation of “problem” animals. They work with government departments in order to assist in the clear definition of strategic
direction with regard to conservation in general. SPOTS endeavours to create strategic links between initiatives where sharing common technology,
methodology, information or intellectual property may improve the effectiveness of conservation. (www.spots.org)

Olivia and Carter have requested a visit with President Zuma in May or June 2013 to discuss this issue and to hand deliver the letters the campaign
has received. This visit will go hand in hand with a YOUTH WALK where all participating schools and individuals are invited to attend. Letters will be
accepted until end of APRIL 2013 and we request that you either post your letters to: The Green Wall of Africa S.E.E. Projects, P.O. Box 3688, Edenvale, 1610 or
contact us to collect them from your school within the Greater Johannesburg Region.
Please contact us on: 078 643 6430, 011 452 9575, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Rhino March

Rhino March

Rhino March at the JHB Zoo

Amazing march with fellow rhino organisations at the Johannesburg Zoo





Rhino Run with the JJC at the JHB Zoo






 St Ursula's Rhino SA Day

On the 13th of November, St Ursula's held their own Rhino SA day to show their support for rhino conservation in South Africa. After a very special assembly where some students read out speeches and poems, all the children rushed down to the field to spell out the letters "RHINO SA" in black and white. A small aeroplane flew overhead to photograph this incredible event. The youngsters in this school showed incredible passion for our rhinos and have all drawn pictures to save the rhino. The grade 5's, 6's and 7's have also written letters to President Zuma requesting that he do something about saving our rhinos. AMAZING STUFF! WELL DONE!









World School International Forum  

World School unites, enhances a global perspective, creates international friendships, and fosters tolerance and understanding. World School encourages participants to become international citizens and ambassadors of peace. We are very proud to be a part of World School, Where We Stand As One, representing not only Lincoln Memorial University and the J. Frank White Academy, but also the United States of America




Robot Collection Day

Rhino SA Robot Collection Day


Last year students represented Rights for Rhinos at a major intersection in Johannesburg and collected over R1000 in donations for Rights for Rhinos. This year we wish to do the same as Rhino SA. Contact Robin Cook if you have any ideas of places in Johannesburg to carry out this project.