Rhino Lapel Badges

Rhino Lapel Badges

The Rhino Lapel Badges follow the same concept as the AIDS or Cancer ribbons. The aim of Rhino SA is to have students and business representatives all over the country wearing these lapel badges to keep the rhinos in everyone’s mind as they will represent a silent voice for our rhinos.


This is the “SILENT VOICE” of the RHINO

  • The youth would like every school to adopt the rhino badge for pupils to wear on their blazers/uniforms as a silent voice remembering the massacre of these majestic animals.
  • Available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Rhino Medals

2012 is the year of the Olympic Games and the mascot for the South African Olympic and Para-Olympic teams is a rhino named Chikuru. To coincide with this, Rhino SA will be selling medals to schools, companies and sporting facilities. These medals contain the Olympic rings, as well as a Black Rhino (photo by Paul Jennings) on the front. These medals can be custom printed with the school’s/company’ name on it.


Slazenger:  (Logo in front or behind) Barron:  (Logo in front or behind)


Hoodie with zip:  (Logo behind only)


Rhino SA shirts

Adult Sizes: 

Kids Sizes: