RHINO SA – Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb for Rhino 2012

The Kilimanjaro Team embarked on their epic journey on Sunday evening 22nd October 2012 and expect to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at midnight on the 29th October 2012. At the summit, the ‘OLDIES’, on behalf of the Dr. Ian Player + the late Magqubu Ntombela, will be handing over the responsibility of saving the rhino from extinction to the RHINO SA youth climbers Robby Morais and Sandile Masondo. Once this handover has taken place the whole team (including the middle generation of fathers) will be launching the RHINO SA GLOBAL YOUTH EDUCATION + AWARENESS CAMPAIGN from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and appealing to the youth of the world to help the South African youth save the species.





This historic climb will mark the onset of the campaign to mobilise the youth into action and instil in them the importance of preserving their natural heritage for future generations. Via awareness and fund raising drives and activities, RHINO SA will roll out a multi-faceted, multi-level and multi-cultural education strategy geared towards sustainable solutions, socio-economic development and environmental good practice amongst the youth of South Africa.




Via presentations to schools and places of learning across the country, RHINO SA intends to bring to light the horrendous slaughter of the rhino and the impact of the eradication of this species would have on our country. The aim is for all youth to wear a rhino badge and ‘walk and talk’ rhinos within their communities thus starting a global “WALKING TALKING RHINO”. The youth are encouraged to voice their objection to this massacre by letter writing to government officials, writing poems and songs, holding fund raising events and competitions and participating in RHINO SA activities.




In pursuit of a sustainable solution, RHINO SA, in conjunction with the GWA, will commence with a grand-scale education process involving learnership and mentorship modules, international student visitor programs, career guidance, train the trainer initiatives, educational material development, students with merit funds and the rehabilitation of existing learning centres within nature reserves to create hubs for the dissemination of knowledge. In addition funds will be raised for the RhODIS Rhino Horn DNA Database Program and the tools required to facilitate this massive education drive.




WORLD SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2012 – Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee, USA, (22nd Oct – 3rd Nov).


To coincide with the RHINO SA – Kilimanjaro Climb for Rhino 2012, RHINO SA will be showcased by a SA delegation of school children lead by Mr. Francoise Enslin (St. Albans College) at the WORLD SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2012 – Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee, USA, (22nd Oct – 3rd Nov). This twelve-day educational and cultural event will bring together students and educators from 21 countries around the globe. The SA group will be appealing to the entire forum to support the RHINO SA GLOBAL YOUTH EDUCATION + AWARENESS CAMPAIGN and to join the “WALKING TALKING RHINO” by carrying the RHINO SA message to their respective countries.


The World School organization was founded in 1997 by Masaki Mastudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees at Kanto International Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan. The mission of World School is to create a truly borderless entity for the purpose of helping the participants create their image of an ideal educational program. The program is designed to train students to adopt a global perspective by becoming receptive to differences and to enable them to form lasting friendships. It will also prepare them to excel in globalized society. The educational theme of the event is Environment, Housing and Volunteerism, a topic of great interest to young people internationally. The program will feature on-campus activities including guest speakers, exhibits and professional development workshops for teachers, student presentations and debates. Additionally, the participants will visit places of cultural interest.