Rhino SA is a youth-driven initiative aimed at educating today’s youth about the ongoing slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos. The organisation falls under the Green Wall of Africa S.E.E. Projects (NPO). ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME HOTLINE: 0800 205 005.

"It is our duty as Africans to be the voice of all living things - Tijana"

Rhino SA’s projects include various fund raising events, educational talks, as well as field events when provided with the opportunities.

Our team consists of various highly motivated individuals, ranging from school children, to students studying Zoology, Law and Politics, to qualified members already involved in the working arena and conservation. We all share one common goal and that is to do all we can to save our beloved rhinos and natural heritage.

Proceeds will go to the development of the Rhino SA Educational Program and the Onderstepoort Rhino Horn DNA Database Program by Dr Cindy Harper.

Our logo was cleverly designed by Tijana Huysamen and consists of a Black Rhino as the grey border surrounding a White Rhino as the landmass of South Africa.

Current Projects:

• Rhino Medals
2012 is the year of the Olympic Games and the mascot for the South African Olympic and Para-Olympic teams is a rhino named Chikuru. To coincide with this, Rhino SA will be selling medals to schools, companies and sporting facilities. These medals contain the Olympic rings, as well as a Black Rhino (photo by Paul Jennings) on the front. These medals can be custom printed with the school’s/company’ name on it.

• Rhino Lapel Badges
The Rhino Lapel Badges follow the same concept as the AIDS or Cancer ribbons. The aim of Rhino SA is to have students and business representatives all over the country wearing these lapel badges to keep the rhinos in everyone’s mind as they will represent a silent voice for our rhinos.

• Rhino SA Robot Collection Day
Last year students represented Rights for Rhinos at a major intersection in Johannesburg and collected over R1000 in donations for Rights for Rhinos. This year we wish to do the same as Rhino SA. Contact Robin Cook if you have any ideas of places in Johannesburg to carry out this project.

Contact Details for Rhino SA: